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This article is about Daniel's court-appointed psychiatrist. You may be looking for the Abstergo psychiatrist.
"Family. We all need a support system, Daniel. We're only human."
―Daniel Cross' psychiatrist[src]
ACF psychiatrist

Daniel Cross' psychiatrist

The psychiatrist of Daniel Cross was a court-assigned individual tasked with assisting the ex-convict in his rehabilitation. He would speak to Daniel about the need for him to make friends and form a support system, and would chastise him for seeking violence as an answer to his problems.

When Daniel refused to taking his prescribed dose of olanzapine, his psychiatrist reminded him that it was a compulsory order from the courts. Daniel angrily continued to resist, saying the medication turned him into a "zombie", but the psychiatrist calmly reminded him of the death of Daniel's girlfriend, which had been caused by Daniel's hallucinations.

Though Daniel finally relented at this, and took the psychiatrist's prescription, he threw it away on his way out.