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Désirée Desired was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Napoleon tasked Arno to rescue his fiancée, Désirée Clary, with the help of Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte.


Arno met with Napoleon at the latter's residence.

  • Napoleon: Ah! Arno! Could you help me in a personal matter?
    It concerns my fiancée, Désirée Clary. Some sans-culottes plan to abduct her for a ransom. Captain Bernadotte knows the particulars. Join him in front of the post office and ensure that Désirée escapes her house unharmed.

Arno made his way to Bernadotte.

  • Bernadotte: Ah! Bonaparte sent you. We are to rescue his fiancée. Let us make haste!

Arno and Bernadotte made their way to Désirée's house.

  • Bernadotte: Again I find myself running errands for Bonaparte. And yet he and I are of equal rank! How does he do it?

A group of sans-culottes attacked them.

  • Bernadotte: Gads! I've got a beautiful sword! Crafted in Spain! But a man can't marry his sword, you know. I need a woman to sooth my brow! And here Bonaparte has already found a fiancée! Damn, he's a lucky dog. I wonder if he'll amount to anything?
    Ah! The fighting life. I love it so.
    Sans-culottes? Get yourselves a culotte, then! Good god.
    You there! You cannot stop us! We're here to rescue someone!
    Come on. Don't laze about. We need a challenge!
    I am here on a mission of gallantry!
    These dogs are no challenge for me.
    You will not sully Mademoiselle Clary!

The two fought through Désirée's house.

  • Sans-culottes 1: We got her trapped on the top floor!
  • Sans-culottes 2: Stay back! They're covering the stairs!

They then reached Désirée and her bodyguards.

  • Bernadotte: Mademoiselle! We're sorry to disturb you, but your fiancé sent us to ensure your well-being!
  • Désirée: I can take care of my own well-being, thank you.
  • Bernadotte: I see that, in you, Captain Bonaparte has secured a precious victory. Gad! Your ankle is exceptionally well-turned!
  • Désirée: You are impertinent, sir! ... I like that. I like that very much.
  • Bernadotte: And those flashing eyes! We must go, before I say something I regret! Or I sustain a mortal injury!

Arno, Bernadotte and Désirée fought through the remaining sans-culottes.

  • Désirée: You fight with great panache, captain!
  • Bernadotte: And you with an alluring fire!
    May I compliment you, Mademoiselle, on your bold thrusts!
  • Désirée: Sir! That is hardly appropriate, I am engaged!

They killed the last of the sans-culottes.

  • Bernadotte: Fighting with you has made me quite giddy with delight.
  • Désirée: Ah! (Dear) Bernadotte! If this had been another time, another place...
  • Bernadotte: Say not another word! I dare not even dream.
  • Désirée: You are right. There can be no dreams for us. Goodbye, dear sir, goodbye!


Arno and Bernadotte rescued Désirée, and the latter two became smitten with one another.