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"Maybe I take 'is hands. Put an end to 'is surgein'. Maybe I take 'is tongue. Put an end to 'is wagglin'. Or maybe I take 'is cock. Put an end to 'is fuckin' us!"
―Cutter, while threatening Benjamin Church, 1754.[src]
ACIII-Surgeon 10

Cutter along with Silas Thatcher

Cutter (unknown – 10 July 1754) was the personal assistant of Silas Thatcher and a soldier in the British Army. He was known as a very cruel man, and was said to have advanced through the ranks under Silas for that reason alone.

This led to him gaining infamy throughout the British Regulars serving in the same area, as a pair of them were seen talking about him, suggesting not buying any meat the next day, as Cutter had been seen dragging Benjamin Church through the streets.

After Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee eavesdropped on the soldiers around Boston, near Church's residence, they uncovered that the surgeon was being held in a warehouse near to the docks. After pickpocketing a guard for a key, the pair watched as Cutter prepared to torture Church, threatening to cut off parts of his body, before they came to his aid.

Haytham and Lee killed the two guards protecting Cutter, before Haytham ended Cutter's life.




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