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Cut the Middle Man was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Dead body - The body is dismembered. These cuts are precise, surgical. There is not much blood but plenty of sand in the wounds. A fish hook was left attached to the flesh, and the skin is covered in puncture wounds.
  • Footprints - A heavy set of footprints.
  • Satchel - A small satchel that contains bait, hooks, and fishing line. It also contains a ripped proof-of-release document stamped by officials at La Salpêtrière, the asylum next door. The name of who was released is illegible.
  • Seaweed - The same algae that grows by the river Siene. It is also covered in sand.


  • A book: Guide to Fish Species - Filled with circled drawings and descriptions of various types of fish. Well-worn, and looks to have been read a thousand times.
  • Fishing hook - Disgusting. Hidden under the bed is a dead rat impaled multiple times by a fishing hook.
  • Mattress - The mattress has many small puncture holes in it.
  • Torn medical journal - Pages from a torn up medical journal belonging to a surgeon named Dr. Lenard Erny. It is filled with drawings of the human anatomy and surgical procedures. It also has a large list of patients and their addresses. All but one has been crossed off, a patient named Charlotte Doiron who lives at 9 Rue de la Muette. There is also a return address for the surgeon at 8 Rue Poliveau. Both addresses would be worth a visit.
  • Statement of asylum inmate - Gilles Benoit (asylum inmate): This patient lost an arm due to infection. A surgeon visited the asylum recently to amputate. The body in the cemetery also looked to have very clean cuts, no hesitation.

Butcher ShopEdit

  • Butcher's knives - Butcher's knives. They look to be part of a set, though a large cleaver is missing.
  • Statement of the butcher - Edgard Duchamp (the butcher): The butcher mentioned someone came into his shop rambling about a corpse. He seems pretty relaxed and likes to fish. Hired a new assistant who is good with a knife.
  • Statement of the butcher's assistant - Simon Larue (butcher's assistant): Definitely not right in the head. Did not say much, but his boots were caked with sand.


  • Human limb - A severed arm, looks to be female. There are fresh scratches on the wrists.
  • Statement of the fisherman - Byron Latour (fisherman): Admitted to finding the body upstream. Says didn't know what to do with the body so he took it to the Asylum's graveyard. Claims he did not murder anyone but something is clearly twisted in his mind.


  • Statement of asylum director - Bernard Lasalle (runs the asylum): He verified the authenticity of the release papers I found in the satchel. The released inmate described in the papers apparently had plans to become a fisherman. The asylum also had a patient escape just a few weeks ago.


  • Raw meat - Uncooked raw meat from a butcher shop. Looks like it hasn't been out very long. The shop must be nearby.
  • Signs of struggle - His wife put up quite a fight. Her attacker looks to have had a lot of trouble with her as the house is a mess.
  • Statement of Leon Doiron - Leon Doiron (potential victim's husband): The missing woman's husband is in a panic. Says his wife had just gone to the butcher before she went missing. Seems genuine.
  • Trail of blood - There is blood all over the house. It is unlikely his wife is alive. It looks like the body was dragged and then bagged up to carry.


  • Statement of surgeon's assistant - Thierry Dion (surgeon's assistant): Claims his boss is a terrible surgeon. Not saying much, other than he's taking on outside jobs for extra money.
  • Statement of the surgeon - Dr. Lenard Erny (surgeon): The journal from the asylum belongs to the surgeon. Looks like his assistant left it behind after sneaking off to conduct an off-the-books amputation at the asylum. Does not trust his assistant.


  • Cleaver - A large and very sharp cleaver. Could be part of a set.
  • Leather straps - These look like the kind of leather straps worn to control a prisoner or a patient. They are caked in dried blood.
  • Pile of corpses - The corpses look like they have been sitting here for at least a week. They were hacked to pieces and are now impossible to identify.
  • Torn journal - The pages belong to a surgeon's journal. They show diagrams of the human anatomy. Several names of patients are crossed out. Could be potential murder victims.



  • Gilles Benoit (A patient at La Salpêtrière): What happened? I had a paper cut, but my whole arm got infected because it's so filthy in here! Some surgeon thought he had the right to hack it clean off! The pain almost killed me!

Butcher ShopEdit

  • Edgard Duchamp: (A local butcher): Murders? Well some crazy man came by here rambling about a corpse. That's all I know, but how about some fresh pork? My assistant can give you a perfect cut. He's a little slow in the head, came in here a few weeks ago begging for work, but I tell you, the boy has a gift. A gift that finally leaves me some time to get some fishing in!
  • Simon Larue (The butcher's assistant): I just want to work. I won't bother no one. What do you want? I must work.


  • Byron Latour (A local fisherman): I was fishing a f-few days ago and I found a body floating in the river...cut up arms and legs too. It must have floated here from upstream. I-I didn't kn-know what to do with it so I took it to the cemetery. I'm-I'm sorry.


  • Bernard Lasalle (Supervisor of La Salpêtrière Aslyum): Those papers are for a patient that we just released. He always blabbered on about being a fisherman, so your best bet is to check the river. We also had a patient escape a few weeks ago. You can check their cells inside, just down the steps.


  • Leon Doiron (Husband to one of Dr. Erny's patients): Please help! My wife is missing! She had just come home from the butcher, but when I went into the bedroom upstairs she was gone and there was blood everywhere! I think it's hers! Please, help me!


  • Dr. Lenard Erny (A local surgeon): Of course that's my journal. Proof my assistant is taking jobs behind my back. He's always late and off doing God-knows-what. I don't care how good he is with a blade, I can't trust a man who's stealing clients. Best to let him go.
  • Thierry Dion (Assistant to Dr. Erny): What can I say? My boss is a good barber but a horrible surgeon. I was using his clients to make a little money on the side. Cut the middle man.




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