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Customization of robes at a Roman tailor shop

Customization is a mechanic in the Animus and the Helix.


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The Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze could dye his clothing in the tailor shops located throughout the cities he visited, although the possible color schemes depended on which city he was in. Ezio could always switch back to the default Assassin white scheme for free, though after buying a dye, it would not remain unlocked. This meant that if Ezio wished to switch back to a dye after buying a different one, it had to be purchased again.[1][2][3]

In Rome, there were new dyes available, with each district, except for the Vatican, offering new colors. Also, instead of the colors always matching, both the outfit and cape could be dyed separately. In addition, the colors of Ezio's Assassin recruits could be changed, though once an Apprentice reached the rank of Assassino, the only dye that was available to them was "Assassin White". The cape's color would change accordingly to the dye it was last changed to before reaching Assassino rank.[2]

Constantinople also had new dyes to offer, though they did not vary from district to district, with all being available from any Tailor shop.[3]

British American ColoniesEdit

During the 18th century, the Kanien'kehá:ka Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton was able to dye his clothes at the general stores found in Boston, New York and the Frontier. While he could buy all the dyes at every general store, the price would change depending on whether he was in the city close to where the dyes were made.[4]


  • New York outfit
  • Baltimore outfit
  • Boston outfit
  • Jamestown outfit
  • Philadelphia outfit
  • Charleston outfit

French American ColoniesEdit

The French-African Assassin Aveline de Grandpré had access to various dyes, which could be used for the clothes of all of her three distinct types of clothing - the Assassin, Slave and Lady guises. These outfits could be dyed at any tailor shop, or in Aveline's hideout at her family's warehouse in New Orleans. In addition, Aveline possessed several pieces of headwear, which could be worn with her Assassin outfit.[5]



  • Assassin's Hat
  • Assassin's Hood
  • Alligator Hunter Hat
  • Smuggler's Hat
  • Traveler's Hat

French RevolutionEdit

During the French Revolution, the Assassin Arno Dorian gained access to alter the color of his robes along with changing the design of the hood, coat, hidden blade, belt, and breeches/trousers. Despite access, Arno needed to either complete various tasks in order to obtain certain items or pay for them.[6]


  • Assassin Blue (Blue, Brown, Gray)
  • Utopia Blue (Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Blue)
  • Azure Hope (Blue, Dark Yellow, Black)
  • Uplay (Blue, Orange, Brown)
  • Tempest (Dark Turquoise, Vermilion, Cold Brown)
  • Turquoise Night (Blue, Light Blue, Brown)
  • Dark Woods (Green, Orange, Brown)
  • Emerald Regrets (Laurel, Blue, Dark Mustard)
  • Marsh Dweller (Green, Red, Blue)
  • Shiny Firefly (Orange, Yellow, Dark Orange)
  • Infinite Green (Dark Mustard, Green, Dark Brown)
  • Deep Forest (Green, Dark Green)
  • Darkest Alley (Black, Green)
  • Pure Shadow (Dark Gray, Black)
  • Peaceful Tales (White, Red, Dark Brown)
  • Brown Sands (Beige, Mocha, Brown)
  • Rainy Sky (Gray, Blue, Black)
  • White Eagle (White, Gray)
  • Beige Ghost (Beige, Red, Brown)
  • Amber Dawn (Dark Orange, Blue, Gray)
  • Autumn Leaves (Orange, Mustard, Brown)
  • Bright Plumage (Burgundy, Dark Yellow)
  • Wildfire (Red, Burgundy)
  • Fancy Man (Bright Orange, Dark Orange)
  • Sunset Valley (Vermilion, Green)
  • Winter Roses (Purple, Green, Brown)
  • Royal Purple (Purple, Dark Mustard, Brown)






Victorian LondonEdit

During their stay in Victorian London, twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye had to change their attires once in a while to avoid suspicion from any Templars and local gangs. This includes their gauntlets, belts, capes, outfits once used by legendary Assassins, and dying their robes as well.[7]


  • No Colors (Default)
  • Beige and Blue (Beige, Gray Blue, and Salmon)
  • Ubisoft Blue (Ubisoft Blue, Gray Blue, and Violet)
  • Teal (Teal, Violet, and Mustard Yellow)
  • Beige (Beige, Violet, and Gray Blue)
  • Forest Green (Forest Green, Violet, and Terra Cotta)
  • Wine (Wine, Gold, and Muted Green)
  • Green (Green, Violet, and Gray)
  • Gold (Gold, Turquoise, and Terra Cotta)
  • Steel Gray (Steel Gray, Pink, and Dark Gray)
  • Black (Black, Pink, and Purple)
  • Violet (Violet, Woody Brown, and Grass Green)
  • Fuchsia (Fuchsia, Muted Green, and Turquoise)
  • Midnight Blue (Midnight Blue, Warm Gray, and Terra Cotta)
  • Crimson (Deep Crimson, Salmon, and Gray)


  • Leather Gauntlet
  • Hardened Leather Gauntlet
  • Reinforced Gauntlet
  • Black Leather Gauntlet
  • Mirage Gauntlet
  • Iron Death Gauntlet
  • Assassin Gauntlet
  • The Devil's Handshake
  • The Chimera
  • The Legendary Gauntlet
  • Chronographic Piercer
  • Redback Gauntlet
  • Industrial Gauntlet
  • Royal Gauntlet
  • Nautilus Gauntlet
  • The Devil's Handshake
  • A Velvet Glove
  • Kiss the Hand
  • The Ripper's Terror
  • Seam Buster


  • Leather Belt
  • Initiate Belt
  • Rough and Tumble Belt
  • Dark Leather Belt
  • Adept Belt
  • Noble Assassin Belt
  • Thief Belt
  • Sassy Assassin Belt
  • Greenwood Belt
  • Crossroad Belt
  • Sanguine Belt
  • Metal Web Belt
  • Reaper Belt
  • Eagle Splendor Belt
  • Iron Scale Belt
  • Eagle Dive Belt
  • Black Death Belt
  • Spring-Heeled Jack Belt
  • Master Assassin Belt
  • Legendary Assassin Belt
  • Beer Collector Belt
  • Fisticuffing Belt
  • Iron Belt
  • Suave Belt
  • Belt of Good and Evil


  • Red Cloak
  • Thrifty Cloak
  • Hunter's Mantle
  • Black Jack Cloak
  • Orange Silk Cloak
  • Killer's Lace Cloak
  • Patchwork Cloak
  • Eagle Dive Cape
  • Lady Vignola's Cloak
  • Stormy Night Cloak
  • Cloak of the People
  • Light and Dark Cloak
  • Goldred Cloak
  • Flame Silk Cloak
  • Emerald Isle Cape
  • Lady Cyrielle's Shawl
  • Legendary Assassin Cape
  • Cloak of Victory
  • Royal Cloak
  • Aegis Cloak
  • Crimson Wing Cloak
  • Out Of The Blue Cloak
  • Country Cloak
  • The Count's Cloak
  • Cloaking Cloak


  • The achievement Perfect Harmony could be earned by dyeing Ezio's outfit with Wetlands Ebony and then Wetlands Ivory dyes. The achievement's title is reference to Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder's "Ebony and Ivory" song, in which the first line is "Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony."
  • In Assassin's Creed II, a bonus dye could be obtained by entering a code provided with the mobile game purchased in the Verizon App Store. The dye is also included in Game of the Year edition, Digital Deluxe Edition of Assassin's Creed II and in the Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy.
  • Even if the Armor of Altaïr, Armor of Brutus or the Armor of Ishak Pasha were dyed, the color of the robes would not change.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, "Caspian Teal" dye shares the same image with "Algerian Silver", despite the actual dyes being different.
  • In Assassin's Creed III, if the robes were dyed, they would revert to the original color during cutscenes. However, the color of some parts of the robes, such as the trim, would stay the same. This was caused by the fact higher quality models were used in cutscenes, which shared only some textures with the ones used during gameplay, hence the trim displaying the dye.


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