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ACU The Supreme Being 2

The Festival of the Supreme Being

The Cult of the Supreme Being was the Templar Maximilien de Robespierre's newly founded deist belief system based on the Templar Doctrine. It was created during the French Revolution, and Maximilien de Robespierre intended for it to become France's state religion.

They believe that the Supreme Being created the world, but then left it to govern itself by natural laws, virtue and truth. According to Élise de la Serre, the cult's celebration of the republic and its citizens' duty towards it was a loose interpretation of Templar doctrine. On 8 June 1794, Robespierre hosted a festival honoring the Supreme Being at the Champ de Mars. Élise and Arno Dorian used the occasion to publicly discredit Robespierre, poisoning him with powdered ergot to make him appear insane and leaking lists of enemies that the revolutionary leader intended to execute.