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The Cult of Kosmos was a secretive organization operating throughout ancient Greece and the surrounding regions, who sought to achieve peace for Greece under their control and obtain ancient artifacts from the First Civilization.[1] The Cult also operated in branches comprising several Adepts, with each branch led by a individual dubbed as the Sage.[2]

The Cult of Kosmos was one of several groups that would later develop into the Order of the Knights Templar.[1]


Trojan War

Agamemnon founded the Cult of Kosmos during the Trojan War and united all of Greece.[1]

Greco-Persian Wars

The Cult notably supported King Xerxes I of Persia during his conquests, seing him as a mean to unite all Greece as one under his rule. When Leonidas I of Sparta consulted the Oracle of Delphi about going to war against the Persians, the whole Cult confronted the Spartan King, warning him not to oppose their plans. Nevertheless, Leonidas chose to disregard their threats and fight against the invaders, an act of defiance which cost him his life but ultimately stopped the plans of the cult.[1]

Peloponnesian War

Several decades later, the Cult orchestrated the Peloponnesian War in an effort to achieve control of Greece amidst the conflict of the country's two most notable city-states. They also tried to eradicate the bloodline of Leonidas due to its potential of interference. This put them at odds with the misthios Kassandra, the granddaughter of Leonidas who fought to stop the cult's plans for control over Greece.[1]

Foundations and Beliefs

Much like their Egyptian counterparts, the Order of the Ancients, and their future incarnations, the Templar Order, the Cult of Kosmos are not at all polytheistic and have a deistic belief system. According to Aspasia, the nations in Greece were already chaotic and the Cult wanted to use a controlled war so as to create a clean slate so as to establish an orderly and unified Greek Nation, one where there will be no more violence and the people will move towards a more rational and developing society, which will be build by the people for the people. Aspasia mentioned this would require a very wise and philosophical king.

Some members of the Cult did however idolize and worship the people with the Bloodline, truly believing them to be actual demigods, such as Deimos. The members of the Cult had soon grown chaotic and greedy and used the Chaos to earn massive amounts of profits and political power.


Trojan War

Peloponnesian War

Eyes of Kosmos

The Silver Vein

Delian League

Peloponnesian League

Gods of the Aegean Sea

Worshippers of the Bloodline

Heroes of the Cult

Allies and puppets


  • Kosmos (κόσμος) is a word that stems from ancient Greek origin, and it means both 'order' and 'world', mainly because the ancient Greeks thought that the world was perfectly harmonious and impeccably put in order.
  • The symbol of the cult is reminiscent of the Gorgoneion, a shield with the head of the Medusa emblazoned on it.
  • While the leaders of the Cult were dubbed Sages, this dub does not have any connection to the Sages, the human reincarnations of the Isu Juno's husband Aita.