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Corruption was a simulated training mode in the second stage of the Animi Training Program, which consisted of three 5-minute rounds, with four to eight participants in each session.

As the mode was divided into three rounds, one to three individuals were selected to be "corrupted" at the beginning of each, where they all took on the Animi Avatar of the Count. Meanwhile, the other participants entered as the Animi Avatar that they had selected from the start.

When "corrupted," the objective was to find and kill targets in order to spread the corruption. Whenever a non-corrupted participant was killed, they would become corrupted and join onto the hunting team. When uncorrupted, however, they were required to hide and survive for as long as possible.

Performing quality kills as corrupted would earn an individual points, while non-corrupted earned points by surviving for as long as possible, and by being in the proximity of a corrupted. The more participants that were corrupted, the more points which the uncorrupted would earn for surviving.

When there was only one uncorrupted remaining, a "sudden death" mode was triggered. In it, the session's clock was set to one minute, and the last uncorrupted earned extra points for surviving, with even more if they survived for the entire minute, although this was quite hard to pull off. Finally, even though the participants were divided into teams, Corruption was not a team mode, and the winner was decided as the one who had earned the most points at the end of all three rounds.