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"Between those who live here, the sailors coming and going from the pier, not to mention the travelers, our beds are always full and our taps are always flowing."
―Corrine proudly announcing the inn's progress to Connor.[src]


Corrine was the wife of Oliver, and served as barmaid for their tavern on the Davenport Homestead, the Mile's End.


Arrival on the HomesteadEdit

Corrine and her husband met Connor when they brought a wagon of ale to the Homestead, after they had been evicted from their inn in Boston. On the recommendation of the Homestead's residents, who appreciated the alcohol and good company, Connor agreed to put forth the money for the construction of a tavern on the Homestead, welcoming Corrine and Oliver to stay. The inn and tavern was ultimately named the "Mile's End", and provided bed and board for civilians.

Life on the HomesteadEdit

After the couple took up their roles as innkeepers and barkeeps, Corrine revealed that their business was doing very well, between the income received from sailors from the Aquila, residents of the Homestead, and travelers passing through.

When Father Timothy arrived at the Homestead, he requested room and board from Oliver and Corrine, who agreed. Corrine then handed him a bedpan, and he blessed them in return. When it was proposed that a church be built on the Homestead, Corrine confided that she and Oliver had been missing their Sunday Mass, and would enjoy Father Timothy's presence.

Later, Norris and Myriam's wedding reception was held at the Mile's End, where all of the Homestead residents, including Corrine and Oliver, gathered together to celebrate the occasion.


  • Corrine was illiterate, as she required Father Timothy to read a letter received from her mother.
    • The letter stated that the family's house, barn, and wagon in Natick, Massachusetts had burned to the ground, leaving them with no possessions and forcing them to live in poverty; Father Timothy proposed the Homestead create a collection to raise money for them.
  • Ellen was to craft a cotton dress for Corrine, and stated that she would be the envy of the Homestead while taking Corrine's measurements.



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