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"We have discipline. We have order. And most importantly, we have passion. We believe!"
―General Israel Putnam to his soldiers, 1775.[src]
Continental Army
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United States


Thirteen Colonies

The Continental Army was the main military force of the newly formed United States during the American Revolutionary War.

George Washington was elected as the Commander-in-Chief of the army by the Continental Congress in 1775, who created it for the purpose of engaging in combat with the armed forces of the British Empire.

After six years of fighting, the British forces were eventually defeated in 1781. The Continental forces were greatly assisted by the Kingdom of France, which provided men and supplies. The Kingdom of Spain and the Dutch Republic also helped to distract the mighty Royal Navy at sea, meaning that the British were unable to bring their full strength to the Colonies.

In 1783, after American and French military successes, coupled with French and Spanish threats to the British mainland, the British Parliament were forced to give up the Thirteen Colonies. The British then withdrew from the rebellious American colonies after the Treaty of Paris ended the war, but maintained control of many West Indies and British North American colonies.

Following this, the majority of the soldiers from the Continental Army went home to their families, and the few units remaining later formed the nucleus of the United States Army.


The organization of the Continental Army was similar to the British Army. They included standard soldiers armed with muskets, brutes armed with muskets and axes, officers equipped with pistols and swords, Jäger armed with swords and pistols, and drummers that served as snitches. The Continental Army usually operated in squads of 7 to 9, consisting of 1 officer, 4 standard soldiers, 2 to 4 grenadiers, and 1 drummer.


  • Despite choosing to ally himself with the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, the Assassin Connor would still be vulnerable to hostility and attack from the Patriots.
  • During The Tyranny of King Washington, the Continental Army is referred to as the "King's Army", and its soldiers are known as "Bluecoats."



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