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Constanza Ramos was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance who began her life as a street urchin who resorted to thievery to survive.


At the age of thirteen, Constanza Ramos lost her parents to a rare case of plague. As an orphan, she was forced to become little more than a street thief struggling to survive in the streets of Seville. Feeling that she had nothing left to lose, she staged incredibly daring, high-risk robberies that targeted rich merchants. Eventually, she bit more of than she could chew and was arrested and imprisoned at a local dungeon.[1]

While in prison, she met an Assassin who was plotting an escape and invited her to cooperate with him. After their successful escape, the Assassin introduced the young girl to the Spanish Brotherhood and the Creed and offered to admit her. Discovering a new family in the Brotherhood, Constanza gladly accepted.[1]

Personality and traits

Like many children orphaned at an early age, Constanza Ramos was forced by circumstances to adapt to a hostile environment, turning to thievery to survive. Honing skills in acrobatics to learn to evade the authorities, she was an adept freerunner even before she met the Assassins. She came to be a particularly fearless individual, favoring ambitious targets for her robberies. Nevertheless, her bravery was motivated in part by a sense that she had little left to lose in life—were her deeds truly risky if she had nothing to risk?[1]



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