Davenport family painting

Painting of Connor and his parents

Connor Davenport (1748 – 1755) was the son of Abigail and Achilles Davenport.

Aged seven, he died of typhoid fever, along with his mother, during the French and Indian War. He was buried in a hill next to the Homestead with his mother and, eventually, his father.

Ratonhnhaké:ton took on the name "Connor" upon Achilles' suggestion, for easier interaction with the colonists.

He was portrayed in a painting with his parents, which had been kept in their home in New York City until it was retrieved by Ratonhnhaké:ton at Achilles' request, although he chose not to hang it on the wall, or even take the sheet off of it. After the last Davenport died, it was uncovered and hung in the manor's dining room above the fireplace.



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