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Cassini: "Ah, yes! These observations confirm several of my ideas."
Claude-Marie-Louise: "My husband means to say, "Thank you for your much-needed help"."
―Cassini and Claude-Marie-Louise to Arno Dorian, 1794.[src]

Claude-Marie-Louise de la Myre-Mory (28 June 1754 – unknown) was the wife of French astronomer Jean-Dominique Cassini.

After Cassini was released from prison in 1794, he and Claude-Marie-Louise planned to flee Paris and retire to Thury. Before leaving, the former contacted the Assassin Arno Dorian and asked him to recover several astronomical notes from the Paris Observatory. While Cassini spoke to Arno about this, Claude-Marie-Louise interrupted to finish the former's instructions. After Arno returned with the notes, she and Cassini retired to the countryside.


  • Historically, Claude-Marie-Louise died in 1791, before Cassini was imprisoned and retired.


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