"So she was meeting Doctor Alton in the park, was she? My understanding was that she was engaged to someone. In any case, the good doctor could do better, in my opinion. Perhaps now he will!"
―Knight on Prudence's relationship with Alton, 1868.[src]

Claire Knight was a British woman living and working in London during the Victorian era.


In 1868, Knight worked as an assistant for Dr. Trevor Alton, arranging meetings and prescriptions for the doctor. In working under him, she became attracted to Alton and left him a note, in which she expressed her hopes that their professional relationship might grow into something more in the future; however, the doctor did not appear to reciprocate this sentiment.

When one of Alton's patients, Prudence Browne, was found murdered in the nearby park, Knight was questioned by the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye. She told them that Prudence was to be married to someone else, but had nonetheless entered into a relationship with Alton; in her opinion, the doctor could have done better, clearly referring to herself.