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Citizen E
CitizenE4 5
Technical information

Welcome Recruit, time to uncover the truth.


Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Memory type

Citizen E


Citizen E (3)


Citizen E (5)

Historical information

Aveline de Grandpré


Louisiana Bayou, Spanish Louisiana, New Spain



Citizen E was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline triggered an Erudito hack, causing the Animus to reveal information that wasn't supposed to be seen.


  • Aveline: Mentor, I know you have doubted me. But please, my absence has not been in vain. Look what I have found.
  • Agaté: You should have left it where it lay. Do you have any idea of its purpose or power?
  • Aveline: I was hoping you could enlighten--
  • Agaté: Had you not insisted on dredging it up, no one would need to know!
  • Aveline: The Templars will be looking for it. Please, send reinforcements to help me retrieve and guard the other half.
  • Agaté: No. Remove it from my sight. Bury it and forget the spot. Grind it into powder. Plant it under an alligator nest. Let me never lay eyes on it again.
  • Aveline: What about our greater goals? I liberated the slave camp in Chichen Itza--did that not surpass our best expectations? Have I not earned--
  • Agaté: Aveline, you surpass my patience, and earn your reputation for impulsiveness.
  • Aveline: Very well.
  • Agaté: Now be gone.


Erudito allowed everyone to see the information Abstergo tried to keep secret.



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