Citizen E was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


The player triggered an Erudito hack, causing the Animus to reveal information that wasn't supposed to be seen.


  • Aveline: A small gesture. Hardly enough. I can offer them a wage, but what good is money without freedom?
  • Gérald: One day... it will come. Or you will make it. I know it.
  • Aveline: And in the meantime, what? I should congratulate myself while everyday they face abuse, or worse? The Templars will never allow slaves to be free! They keep even the rich in bondage - though most people would never suspect... Gérald, if my father hadn't freed my mother, I'd be in the same predicament.
  • Gérald: But he did.
  • Aveline: I still owe them better.


Erudito allowed everyone to see the information Abstergo tried to keep secret.