Circumstances was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay and Christopher Gist reunited with Colonel George Monro in Albany.


Shay and Gist were sailing in the River Valley.

  • Gist: The Colonel waits in Albany... I wonder what he has in mind for us to do next.
  • Shay: Us? I thought you just wanted to check in with Monro, not sign me up for the army.
  • Gist: Not at all, Shay! But I admire the Colonel's ideals and want to make them happen.
  • Shay: What kind of ideals?
  • Gist: Secure borders, prosperous farms, fair trade... We need those in these wretched colonies.
  • Shay: Sounds like a high-minded utopia.
  • Gist: It rather does! Want to help make it happen?
  • Shay: Colonel Monro is an intriguing man, and he certainly seems honorable. We'll head for Albany. After that, I'll see.
  • Gist: Splendid! Full sail ahead, lads!

The pair reached Albany, where Monro waited at the docks.

  • Monro: In good health, I see?
  • Gist: Ehh, thanks to the Captain here.
  • Monro: 'Tis a fine vessel, Master Cormac.
  • Shay: Thank you, Colonel Monro.
  • Monro: Master Gist, did you learn more about our conspirators and their new weapons?
  • Gist: Only that their base of operations is a French fort further downriver.
  • Shay: It's a little close for comfort, isn't it?
  • Monro: If the French have installed a fort in our territory, they are likely preparing an assault. New York could burn. Will you join us, Master Cormac?
  • Shay: Aye. Enough innocents have died already.
  • Gist: Might I suggest we improve our vessel? The Morrigan is good, but with a few more supplies, she could be unstoppable. And, there's a French outpost nearby I happen to know...
  • Shay: I like the sound of that.

Shay, Gist and Monro set sail for Vallée Verte, a nearby outpost.

Circumstances 3

Shay sailing for the outpost

  • Shay: What sort of business are the French up to there? Just occupying the territory?
  • Monro: It is an economic incursion more than a geographical one. Some of the ruffians are sponsored by enemies of the colonies. They intend to undermine local authorities.
  • Gist: I've heard they steal from civilians and resell essential goods for ten times the price..
  • Shay: It's always the little fellow who gets skinned.
    Colonel, you and Gist here seem inspired. Is there something in the water, or in the whiskey?
  • Monro: Now why do you say that, Master Cormac?
  • Gist: I think Shay here is skeptical about our intentions towards our fellow man.
  • Monro: I understand, but there is no need. I simply want these colonies to be a place of safety, development, and purpose.
  • Shay: Funny, I thought rich men wanted them to be a place of profit.
  • Monro: I am not a rich man, Master Cormac... Money is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.
  • Gist: Says you. I think it's a fine end to a game of cards.

They arrived at Vallée Verte, with Shay disembarking to steal supplies from the settlement's warehouse.

  • Guard 1: (What was that?)
  • Guard 2: (Just your imagination.)
  • Guard 3: (So I signed up for another year.)
  • Guard 4: (Really? Well- wait, what was that?)
  • Guard 5: (Did you hear something?)
  • Guard 6: (I think it's over there.)
Circumstances 4

Shay opening the warehouse

After procuring the supplies, Shay returned to the Morrigan.

  • Gist: Good show, Shay! Now let's use those materials to give the Morrigan more firepower. We will need more powerful guns before we approach that fort. Go to your cabin to arrange the work.

Shay upgraded the Morrigan, adding a mortar to her arsenal.

  • Gist: Splendid! That fort and her defenders will tremble before the Morrigan!

Shay took the helm, setting a course for Fort La Croix.

  • Monro: Your ship is in fine form, Master Cormac. That fort should offer little resistance.
  • Gist: I rather hope the frogs offer some, else this will be a dully day.
  • Monro: Never wish for battle, Master Gist. There is plenty around here for any of our lifetimes.
  • Shay: Besides, if we find the fort's commander, the French will surrender, no?
  • Monro: Indeed, that is a sensible strategy. But we will have to wear down the fort's defenses first. Otherwise they will just dig in like a wounded bear.

The trio reached the fort.

  • Gist: There's our target, Shay! Knock her down like a game of nine pins.
  • Monro: Begin by hitting her towers.
  • Gist: As the Colonel says!

Shay succeeded in taking down the fort's defenses, following which he went ashore.

  • Gist: Superb! Now find the fort commander!
Circumstances 7

Shay confronting Le Chasseur

Shay infiltrated the fort, took out the lookouts and then entered the war room.

  • Shay: Le Chasseur...
  • Le Chasseur: Shay! It has been so long. Were you on a special mission?
  • Shay: Yes, from Achilles.
  • Le Chasseur: How interesting! So am I.

Le Chasseur unsheathed his sword and attacked Shay.

  • Shay: Don't make me do this, Le Chasseur!
  • Le Chasseur: Do what, assassinate me? I thought that was your specialty.
  • Shay: We could both just leave.
  • Le Chasseur: Ah, but then I would tell your Brothers that you are still alive. You have to kill me, Shay.

Using objects in the room to injure Le Chasseur, Shay defeated his former ally.

  • Le Chasseur: You were always good at your business, Shay.
  • Shay: As were you. Tell me, what are you doing inland?
  • Le Chasseur: Special weapons... Poisoneous gases to use against colonial authorities. I am merely a delivery man.
  • Shay: Then may your final delivery be swift.

With Le Chasseur's death, the British were able to take over Fort La Croix.

  • Shay: Le Chasseur was right... I- I had no other choice. If the Assassins find out I'm alive, they'll come after me.

Shay returned to the Morrigan.

Circumstances 12

Gist telling Shay about the commandeered naval maps

  • Gist: While you were busy taking down that fort, I happened to stumble upon the treasury.
  • Shay: You don't say...
  • Gist: It was the damndest thing... Well, in any case, amongst other things I found map and charts detailing various French trade routes.
  • Shay: What are you thinking, Gist?
  • Gist: I thought perhaps we could use them to, er, help the Royal Navy... and fill our pockets. I stored these maps in your cabin, Captain, should you wish to use them.

Shay accessed his fleet and sent a ship to Louisiana, before returning to Gist.

  • Gist: The Colonel thanks you and congratulates you, Shay. He has returned to New York. But, you look troubled.
  • Shay: Do- Do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing, Gist? If you chose the right path?
  • Gist: Ah, I used to, my young friend, but not anymore. Not since I met the Colonel... And what's to question? The French are entrenched in our territory. It's about time we root them out!
  • Shay: Of course, you're right, Gist. Let's head back to New York.
  • Gist: Aye, Captain.


Shay captured Fort La Croix and assassinated Le Chasseur, purging the region of the Assassin influence.