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Chester Swinebourne was a policeman and a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order during the 19th century.

At some point, Swinebourne became a henchman of Grand Master Crawford Starrick. As Starrick's connection within the police force, Swinebourne passed on valuable information to the Templars, managing to remain undiscovered while he carried out his secret operations.

In 1868, he became a target of the Assassin Jacob Frye, who tracked Swinebourne down on behalf of Maxwell Roth. After being accosted by the Assassin in Scotland Yard, Swinebourne was escorted to Roth, though what happened to him afterwards is unknown.


  • Chester Swinebourne shared his surname with Edith Swinebourne, the gang leader controlling the River Thames, but whether or not the two were related remains unconfirmed.