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Cherry bomb

A typical cherry bomb

Ezio: "I need a simple but effective means of distraction."
Piri: "Then this is the bomb for you. It gives a nice loud burst, luring all soldiers within earshot right to the source. Have fun."
Piri Reis describing a cherry bomb to Ezio.[src]

Cherry bombs were explosives that could be utilized by Ezio Auditore da Firenze and the Ottoman Assassins, which detonated with a very loud bang, luring every guard within earshot. It could be crafted using any shell or gunpowder type combined with the sulfur effect.

If one was detonated in the correct place, it could also be used to create a conflict between Ottoman and Byzantine patrols. As such, the Assassins made use of this to great effect in order to create distractions that could cover their infiltration or escape.



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