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Chase the Thief was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's memories.


Ezio arrived in Barcelona, to be met by a rogue that steals his sword.


  • Helene: You're a long way from home, traveler.
  • Ezio: From the sound of your accent, I'd guess you were too.
  • Helene: Not exactly. I haven't called any place home for a very long time.
  • Ezio: What brings you here?
  • Helene: Rumor of war. Upheavals. Miseries from which I hope to extract a modest profit.
  • Ezio: Charming.

They are interrupted by a distant guard.

  • Guard: She went this way! Hurry!
  • Helene: If you'll excuse me... I have some business in the city. It was a pleasure meeting you, Assassin...

Helene runs off.

  • Ezio: Wait! Who are you?
  • Helene: Watch your back!
  • Ezio: She took my blade!

Ezio chases Helene from the rooftops until Helene escapes the guards.

  • Helene: That shook them!

Ezio retrieves his sword from Helene.

  • Ezio: I'll have my sword...
  • Helene: You're skilled stranger. As proficient as any Assassin, yet half as wise.
  • Ezio: Don't patronize me. If you have information about the Assassins then speak.
  • Helene: I'm not in España to make friends, sir. Just a reputation, and a little money.


Ezio retrieved his sword from the thief.