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PL Treasure HunterHQ He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow.

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"Abstergo? You're telling me that the world's largest conglomerate is a front for an evil organization that wants to control us all? Actually, that makes perfect sense. No wonder I can never finish the game."
―Charlotte de la Cruz, 2015.[src]
Charlotte de la Cruz
ACA Charlotte Render
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14 November 1992

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Assassin's Creed: Assassins

Charlotte de la Cruz (born 1992)[1] is an employee of Malta Banking Corporation from San Diego who undertook Assassin training in 2015. She is a descendant of the Briton Assassin Tom Stoddard, the Haitian Assassin Elsie, the Incan courier Quila and the English Assassin turncoat Hiram Stoddard.


Early lifeEdit

Charlotte de la Cruz grew up in the Bronx in New York City. Her father disappeared from the family when she was a baby and she was raised by her mother. Her maternal grandmother, Florencia, whom Charlotte idolized, came in and out of her life throughout her childhood. As a child, de la Cruz watched her family go almost bankrupt scrounging cash for her uncle's healthcare after he was denied his insurance, causing her to distrust big businesses and corrupt politicians. She attended college in upstate New York, where she accumulated a large student debt. At some point in her life she moved to San Diego, California and became aware of the Assassin-Templar War after browsing conspiracy websites and playing Abstergo Entertainment's Helix products.[2]


The Assassins took interest in her ability to use Eagle Vision.[3][4] Kody made contact with her online, probing her sympathy for the Assassins. After she came home from work, she was greeted by Xavier Chen and Galina Voronina, and immediately ambushed by Templars seeking to kill them. De la Cruz was knocked unconscious during their escape and taken to Chen's cell's hideout in the Salton Sea. There, she was introduced to Kody and the Animus, and learned that they needed her help.[2]

It was explained an Assassin named Joseph Laurier had apparently gone to the Templars in San Diego to inform them of an artifact hidden by his ancestor during the Salem witch trials. They needed her to enter the Animus and relive her ancestor Thomas Stoddard's memories of the era to determine if Joseph was telling the truth and had betrayed the Brotherhood, or if he was just baiting the Templars.[2]

Charlotte progressed through the memories of her ancestor's interactions with Joseph's ancestor Jennifer Querry and was shocked to hear the Isu Consus speak directly to her through Dorothy Osborne, instructing her to seek "the ones with greater knowledge". Galina became impatient and demanded they move ahead to intercept Joseph. Xavier insisted they finish verifying what happened, and Charlotte was loaded into their van with the Animus to save time.[5]

Charlotte witnessed Jennifer's death, and it was agreed Joseph's ancestor did not know where the relic was hidden, so he was luring the Templars. Xavier and Galina left the van to rendezvous with Joseph. Charlotte had her doubts, and insisted Kody return her to Stoddard's memories. Continuing, she realized Jennifer was not the only ancestor of Joseph present in Salem, and that he was indeed betraying the Brotherhood.[6]

Confronting JosephEdit

Entering the Abstergo facility Xavier and Galina had gone to meet Joseph at, Charlotte posed as an employee who had forgotten the code to a room she needed. The employee Brad helped her enter a storage room, but when he asked what department she worked in, she responded she was from World Share, which Brad recognized was a lie as Abstergo and World Share were enemies: Charlotte kneed him and bound and gagged him with duct tape before donning a hood and ascending a maintenance shaft.[3]

Just as she neared Joseph's floor, she slipped and fell, but was able to spin onto another shaft and hold on with her knife: Kody noted she had begun to inherit Tom's abilities via the Bleeding Effect. Climbing up, she entered a gym and saw Joseph had already drowned Xavier in a swimming pool, and had broken Galina's leg. She attacked the burly traitor to prevent him from finishing her off, but he just tossed her into a wall. Joseph explained he betrayed the Brotherhood because his lover Christian had died on a mission overseen by Xavier, but he was still an Assassin and had planted a bomb. He explained to Charlotte why the Assassins sought her out and offered her the chance to join him. As Joseph's bomb went off, Abstergo burst in and opened fire. Charlotte carried Galina through an air vent, which returned her to the maintenance room Brad was in.[3]

Charlotte was shocked to find Brad had died, and after noticing his medical alert bracelet, realized he had asthma and suffocated because he could not reach his inhaler. She then dolefully carried Galina back to the van. Galina ordered Kody to inform their leader Gavin Banks to send a team to Salem, but Charlotte told her it was unnecessary, as Joseph never told the Templars where Dorothy's body was buried. As they drove away, Galina asked her how she felt after Xavier and Brad's deaths, to which she sarcastically responded she was happy.[3]


The Assassins fled to Mexico, where Charlotte used a burner phone to keep her mother informed of her location. They hired two local doctors to reset Galina's leg; she wanted to leave, but Kody explained he could barely speak Spanish. As the female doctor tended to Galina, the male drew a pistol, but Galina pulled out her own and shot him to death, before ordering Charlotte to grab it and aim it at the female doctor. She explained she was knew nothing of his motives, stating he was new. Galina knocked her out.[4]

They moved to the opposite motel, as it would be the last place the Templars would expect. Charlotte noted to Kody that she had wanted to leave back before the man intended to attack the, believing that she was not cut out for the situation. Kody reassured her that there was a reason she was there and that, due to her impressive performance, she might even help them find the hacker collective Erudito. Realizing they were the ones Consus had obliquely directed her to find, she had Kody hook her up to the Darknet to find them. After a night of searching, she discovered a meeting was planned for the following week, but the location was password-encrypted. The sole hint was the question, "What does the cute Pishta say?"[4]

She recalled that her grandmother's childhood nickname for her was "Pishtaco", apparently shared by an ancestor who lived during the fall of the Inca Empire. Waking Kody up, she ordered him to place her back in the Animus, where she began reliving the memories of the chasqui Quila.[4]

Personality and characteristicsEdit

De la Cruz is a headstrong, opinionated and witty woman who deplores the inequality of the world. Before meeting the Assassins, she illegally transferred ten thousand dollars to her customer, Ms. Morehead, so the latter could pay her daughter's healthcare. However, she quickly regretted this brash "Robin Hood" act of heroism.[2]

Similarly, Charlotte's principles led her to storm out of an application for a job at World Share when her opinions that they should only give to less corrupt governments were dismissed. She also expressed discomfort with reliving the memories of her white male ancestor, and subsequently having to synchronize with his decision to not prevent the deaths of women accused of being witches.[2]

Equipment and skillsEdit

Charlotte possessed Eagle Vision[4] allowing her to sense the veracity of other people's statements as well as being able to see through walls.[3]


  • The name Charlotte is a French feminine diminutive of Charles, which is derived from an old Germanic element meaning "free man". "De la Cruz" is a Spanish surname meaning "of the cross".
  • Charlotte's job at Malta Banking Corporation was a reference to the Assassin's Creed movie, which, at the time of the first issue's release, was being filmed in Malta.[7]



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