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"I kill one man to save a hundred thousand. There is no turning back."
―Charlotte Corday, admitting to Marat's murder, 1793.[src]
ACU Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday (27 July 1768 – 17 July 1793) was a figure of the French Revolution. She was a minor noblewoman and a member of the Girondists of the National Convention. In 1793, she planned to assassinate the anti-Girondist pamphleteer, Jean-Paul Marat, to end his persecution of the Girondists. Corday pretended that she was going to rat out her fellow Girondists and entered a room where Marat sat in his medicinal bath, stabbing him with a kitchen knife and killing him. Arno Dorian later investigated Marat's death, and Corday was executed by guillotine on 17 July 1793.


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