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Charles Lee was an altered representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Connor: I have come for you, Charles Lee!
  • Charles: You again? Don't you ever give up?
  • Connor: Not until your life has been ended.
  • Charles: Have you not noticed that all your attempts have failed? That all of your schemes on my life have come to nothing?
  • Connor: Eventually one of my schemes will succeed.
  • Charles: Yes, it is only a matter of time. Old age, or perhaps a fever, will claim me, and you can finally celebrate your hard fought victory.
  • Connor: I will not let that happen. Let's end this now!
  • Charles: You are a fool. A mad fool. And I'll no longer waste my time with you.
  • Connor: You can't escape that easily, Lee!


  • Connor: Get back here, Lee!
  • Charles: Another attempt, another failure. You are pathetic.
  • Connor: I will succeed, even if it takes my whole life to do so.
  • Charles: Such a persistent sod you are. It's almost depressing. Give up!
  • Connor: Never.


  • Charles: Why do you persist? You put us down, we rise again. You end one plot, we forge another. It always ends the same.
  • Connor: Because no one else will.
  • Charles: An absurd reason. We are not the demons you see us as.
  • Connor: What are you, then?
  • Charles: We merely offer guidance. With our direction, this new world would be a place where all are freed and equal.
  • Connor: The cost is too great.
  • Charles: You know nothing of cost! You have always acted without thinking of the cost. That is why there is no one left who stands with you.
  • Connor: That is a sacrifice I will gladly accept in order to rid the Colonies of you and your influence.
  • Charles: Foolish boy.