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ACS DB Catherine Eddowes

The murder of the supposed Catherine Eddowes

Catherine "Kate" Eddowes (14 April 1842 - 30 September 1888) also known as Kate Conway and Kate Kelly was a prostitute known for being the fourth victim of the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper during the Whitechapel murders.

Biography Edit

Catherine was born in Graisley Green, Wolverhampton and had two successive common-law husbands. In 1881, married to her second spouse John Kelly at Cooney's common lodging-house, Spitalfields, and unable to pay the rent, Eddowes took to prostitution in one of Lady Olwyn Owers' brothels.

Despite this, Catherine maintained a scholarly and jolly outlook in life, albeit her fierce temper, as her friends described her.

On the afternoon of 30 September, the brutally cut supposed body of Catherine was discovered in Mitre Square, hours after the third victim, Elizabeth Stride, was found. However, the Master Assassin Evie Frye's investigation suggested that the real Eddowes and Stride may have survived and that her brother Jacob had sent his initiates as undercover, due to the evidence of Assassin rings found in the crime scene.


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