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Catherine, also known as Kate to her husband, was an inhabitant at the Davenport Homestead and the wife of Godfrey. She resided there with her spouse, their sons, and friends Terry and Diana.


Early lifeEdit

Before her move to the Homestead, Catherine resided with her husband and their friends on a small plot of land north of Champlain, New York. Both she and Diana had described it as an uncomfortable and disdainful place to reside. The Assassin Connor later invited Godfrey, Terry, and their families to live on the Homestead; though Catherine was hesitant to relocate at first, once she had settled, she began to enjoy the isolated Homestead.

Life on the HomesteadEdit

Some time after the two families settled at the Homestead, a robber attempted to break into Terry's home, which Catherine witnessed. Upon finding Connor, she informed him that she was going to get Terry and Godfrey, and raced to find them. Godfrey and Terry later erupted into a brawl over who should have been watching their wives, although it was quickly sorted out.

Catherine attended Norris and Myriam's marriage, and celebrated at the reception held in the Mile's End. She also was present at the funeral of Achilles Davenport, and laid a rose on his coffin.


  • It was revealed that both Godfrey and Catherine were illiterate, as they required Father Timothy's assistance to read a letter received from Catherine's family regarding the death of Catherine's brother.
    • Father Timothy later read them another letter regarding the birth of Godfrey's niece.
  • While socializing with Diana outside of their home in the Homestead, Catherine revealed that she gave Godfrey a larger amount of alcohol when seeking more attention, and advised Diana to attempt this strategy on Terry.


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