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Caserma di Alviano
Caserma di Alviano 1
Political information

The barracks of Rome.


Campagna District, Rome, Italy

Historical information


Additional information
"Isn't she a thing of beauty?"
―Bartolomeo d'Alviano speaking of his barracks.[src]

Caserma di Alviano was the barracks of Bartolomeo d'Alviano up until 1503. It served as the center for the military opposition against the Borgia forces, and the invading French forces led by Baron Octavian de Valois.

It later became a training ground for mercenaries, until it fell into disrepair, and was leveled during the expansion of Rome.



As early as 1500, the barracks served as the base for the mercenaries of Rome, where they staved off invading French assaults.

After aiding in funding the reinforcement of the barracks, the Assassin Ezio Auditore visited it often. There, he would help Bartolomeo's men defend it from French soldiers, as well as retrieve Assassination Contracts through Bartolomeo's wife, Pantasilea Baglioni.

The popularity of the barracks grew to such an extent that joining its ranks became very competitive. As such, a fight club was established in the lower floor of the building, where mercenaries both competed, and bet on the fights.

Later yearsEdit

The barracks was a mercenary training ground until 1503, when it fell into disrepair, and was levelled to make way for the enlarging city.

The spot was marked for a memorial in 1960, but no one was quite sure where the barracks were actually located, so the idea was scrapped.



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