Caress of Steel was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


With the British Army on the Templars' side, Shay set out to locate Hope and assassinate her.


Shay joined Haytham, who was interogating a gang member.

  • Haytham: Where is your boss?
  • Gang member: I'll never tell! She'll kill me!
  • Shay: If you don't tell, he'll kill you.
  • Gang member: She's in that big mansion. The one with the gardens.

Haytham killed the gang member with his Hidden Blade.

  • Haytham: Shall we go?

The pair began making their way to Hope's mansion.

  • Shay: You didn't mention you had a Hidden Blade.
  • Haytham: You thought you were the only one?
  • Shay: Well, yes, I suppose... Where did you get that?
  • Haytham: It was donated by the Brotherhood.
  • Shay: I see...

They came across a fight between gang members and British soldiers, assisting them in defeating the criminals.

Caress of Steel 2

Shay and Haytham approaching Hope's mansion

  • Shay: Our mission was a success. The army should make its move any time now.
  • Haytham: Good. We lack the resources in New York to handle these criminals ourselves. With a little luck, we might be rid of them once and for all.
  • Shay: I make my own luck.
  • Haytham: Now, let us cut off the snake's head...
  • Soldier: Sir! We can confirm, the woman is inside.
  • Captain: Perfect. Time to smoke her out!

The British soldiers prepared their attack.

  • Shay: I'll go in and get Hope myself.
  • Haytham: Very well.

Shay infiltrated the mansion's grounds, finding Hope and Liam in a warehouse. Spying on their meeting through a skylight, he saw the Precursor box had been successfully activated.

  • Liam: We have everything we need. Now... Chevalier will be expecting me. Hope.

Liam took the Precursor box and departed.

  • Hope: Bon voyage.

Hope, having noticed Shay's presence, grabbed her two pistols and shot at the skylight, causing Shay to fall down into the warehouse.

Caress of Steel 5

Hope taking Shay's gas mask away

  • Hope: About time you showed up. Sorry it had to come to this, Shay.

Taking advantage of Shay's disorientation, Hope took his gas mask and activated a mechanism, which led the warehouse to slowly fill with poisonous gases. She then drank an antidote herself.

  • Hope: You were a fascinating fellow.

Hope left, locking Shay inside. Nevertheless, he managed to escape the warehouse via a balcony, from which he spotted Hope on a nearby platform.

  • Hope: You have more endurance than I expected, Shay.

She then struck him with a poison dart and departed again.

  • Shay: What is this... poison... slows my heart... I... I have to move!
    That's it! Moving keeps my heart beating.
    I need to find Hope... Get the antidote!
    If I stop, I die.
    I have to move.
    Need to keep moving!

Shay caught up with Hope at the edge of the mansion's gardens.

  • Hope: You never give up, do you, Shay? No matter. The poison will kill you.

After a lengthy chase through New York, Shay managed to assassinate Hope. Wounded, she collapsed, allowing Shay to take the antidote he needed.

Caress of Steel 10

Hope's final moments

  • Hope: You're late, again, Shay...
  • Shay: Hope, I didn't want to do this.
  • Hope: I trained you to do this. I expected nothing less.
  • Shay: Then why-
  • Hope: To give Liam time to leave... Soon, Chevalier will be on his way to the Precursor site...
  • Shay: I will stop him.
  • Hope: He will see you coming. Pity... You had so much potential...


Shay assassinated Hope, depriving the gangs of their leader.