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Cape Bonavista

Cape Bonavista

Cape Bonavista is an cove on the western shore of Cuba, located in the Caribbean.

In 1715, a naval battle between the pirate ship Jacobite and the Royal Navy frigate HMS Intrigue occurred within reach of the cape, following which Edward Kenway and Duncan Walpole found themselves shipwrecked. After finding themselves on the cape, Walpole tried to convince Kenway to take him to Havana. When Kenway refused, Walpole tried to shoot him before fleeing into the jungle. After a lengthy chase, Kenway finally caught up with and dueled Walpole, emerging the victor. 

Soon after, Edward spied the merchant Stede Bonnet's ship being commandeered by British soldiers. Upon eliminating them, freeing Bonnet and his ship, Edward secured his departure from the bay. 


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