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"Come on then, Camille, there's no hope for it now. We must show them that we are not defeated."
―Georges Danton to Camille Desmoulins at their execution, 1794.[src]
Danton's Sacrifice 3

Camille Desmoulins moments before his execution.

Lucie Simplice Camille Benoît Desmoulins (2 March 1760 – 5 April 1794) was a radical journalist and politician who played a prominent role in the French Revolution. He was a close childhood friend of Maximilien de Robespierre and a devoted ally of Georges Danton, both of whom were greatly influential figures amidst the chaotic period of the revolution. Desmoulins was executed alongside Georges Danton, Marie-Jean Hérault, and most of the other names on Danton's letters on 5 April 1794.

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