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Cameron stewart

Cameron Stewart, co-author of Assassin's Creed: The Fall.

Cameron Stewart is a Canadian comic book artist who has worked for DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics. He is the co-author of Assassin's Creed: The Fall and has obtained many merits and awards for his work with other graphic novels and comics such as; the Eisner Award, Shuster Award, Eagle Award and the Harvey Award.


Along with Kagan McLeod, Ben Shannon, Steven Murray, and Chip Zdarsky, he is a co-founder of the studio The Royal Academy of Illustration and Design. He is also a co-founder of the Transmission-X webcomics collective.

Stewart is best known for his work on Catwoman with writer Ed Brubaker, and Seaguy and Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian with writer Grant Morrison.

October 2006 saw the release of The Other Side, a miniseries about the Vietnam war illustrated by Stewart (and written by Jason Aaron), for which he travelled to Vietnam for research. The Other Side was nominated for an Eisner Award in the Best Limited Series category of 2007.

In 2007, Stewart created drawings which appeared in a comic book-style animation sequence at the end of the music video for Canadian pop singer Skye Sweetnam's song "Human", the first single off of her sophomore album Sound Soldier. Stewart also created the drawings that appear on Sweetnam's relaunched official website.

Recent projects include The Apocalipstix a series of digest comic books for Oni Press, written by Ray Fawkes, the second series of Seaguy called Slaves of Mickey Eye, and Sin Titulo, a webcomic that marks his first major work as a writer/illustrator.

He illustrated issues 7-9 of Batman and Robin, a storyline entitled "Blackest Knight", written by Grant Morrison.

In September 2009 he won the 2009 "Outstanding WebComic Creator/Creative Team" Shuster Award for Sin Titulo.

In July 2010 he won the 2010 "Best Digital Comic" Eisner Award for Sin Titulo


Comics work includes:

  • B.P.R.D.: "Another Day At The Office" (with Mike Mignola, new story for the tpb B.P.R.D.:The Soul of Venice and Other Stories, 2004, Titan ISBN 1-84023-931-X, Dark Horse ISBN 1-59307-132-9)
  • Catwoman (with Ed Brubaker):
    • Crooked Little Town (with Rick Burchett, tpb collects Catwoman #5-10 and Catwoman Secret Files, DC, 159 pages, 2003 ISBN 1-4012-0008-7)
    • Relentless (with Javier Pulido, tpb collects Catwoman #12-19 and Catwoman Secret Files #1, DC, 159 pages, 2005 ISBN 1-4012-0218-7)
    • Wild Ride (with Guy Davis and Nick Derington, tpb collects Catwoman #20-24, DC, 128 pages, 2005 ISBN 1-4012-0436-8)
  • Hellblazer: "Chasing Demons" (with Brian Azzarello, Vertigo, reprinted in tpb Highwater, 264 pages, 2004, ISBN 1-4012-0223-3)
  • Manhattan Guardian (with Grant Morrison, DC, 4 issue mini-series, 2005. #1-2 collected in Seven Soldiers: Volume 1 ISBN 1-4012-0925-4; #3-4 collected in Seven Soldiers: Volume 2 ISBN 1-4012-0975-0)
  • Seaguy (with Grant Morrison, Vertigo, 3 issue mini-series, 2004, tpb, 2005 ISBN 1-4012-0494-5)
  • Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye (with Grant Morrison, Vertigo, 3 issue mini-series, 2009)
  • Sin Titulo, ongoing webcomic
  • Stripperella (Humanoids - unpublished)
  • Tales of the Vampires #1: "Stacey" (with Joss Whedon, Dark Horse, 2003, tpb collects Tales of the Vampire #1-5, 2004 ISBN 1-56971-749-4)
  • Transmetropolitan (with Warren Ellis, tpb, Takes of Human Waste 2004, Titan, ISBN 1-84023-987-5 Vertigo, ISBN 1-4012-0244-6)
  • The Other Side (with Jason Aaron, 2006, Vertigo, ISBN 1-4012-1350-2)
  • The Apocalipstix (with Ray Fawkes, graphic novel, Oni Press, 2008, ISBN 1-9326-6445-9)[1][2]
  • Batman & Robin #7-9 (with Grant Morrison, DC, 2009, forthcoming)

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