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ACTemplars Caitlin Gift

Caitlin Gift

Caitlin Gift (unknown – 2016) was a senior technician and Templar that worked on the Animus at Abstergo Industries.

In 2016, she was recruited by Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa to recover the genetic memories of André Bolden in the Philadelphia complex. Gift convinced the old man to enter an Animus, allowing the Templars to examine his bloodline, which counted many Black Crosses and had been in contact with the Koh-i-Noor.

However, she was later strangled by Freddy, a mole loyal to the Instruments of the First Will, after she discovered the syphon uploaded on the Animus servers by da Costa. Her death helped Berg to realize that the Order had been infiltrated by a fifth column which was trying to hinder the Templars in their chase for the Piece of Eden.


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