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Brothels acted as the homes and workplaces of the courtesans. During the 16th century, brothels could be found in Florence, Venice, Rome and Monteriggioni, and all of them appeared to have small rooftop gardens, which distinguished them from other nearby buildings. In Rome, other than its central brothel, the Rosa in Fiore, there were several small faction buildings that could be renovated into brothels, allowing the courtesans that resided nearby to be hired.

In 18th century, brothels prospered in the New World as well as they had in the Old World: in Port-au-Prince, La Dame en Rose served as a meeting place. Edward Kenway had one built in the small port town at the Great Inagua cove to provide a home for dancers who "entertained" his crew.



During the Fall of 1191, when Altaïr traveled to Kyrenia in Cyprus, a brothel was located in the city's Merchant District. There, the courtesans had different appearances, though they were similar in that they wore long garments around their waists, but possessed different tops.[1]


La Rosa ColtaEdit

La rosa colta
La Rosa Colta
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La Rosa Colta (The Plucked Rose) was a brothel located in the city of Florence, headed by Paola. It was founded in 1465, when Paola decided to help the women of the streets by giving them a home and education. As it became popular, the brothel was commonly visited by members of the signoria, as well as those of the Medici family.

Here, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze was taught the ways and discretion of the courtesans, eventually learning how to blend and to pickpocket.[2]


La Rosa della VirtùEdit

Larosa dellavirtu
La Rosa della Virtù
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Main article: La Rosa della Virtù

La Rosa della Virtù (The Rose of Virtue) was a brothel located in the city of Venice, and its head courtesan was Teodora Contanto. The brothel was founded and run by former nuns, therefore the Pope repeatedly attempted to see it closed down. Despite this, the brothel continued to operate until a fire in the year 1516.

Here, Ezio spoke with Teodora and the other courtesans about planning the assassination of the Templar Marco Barbarigo, who had been newly appointed as the Doge of Venice.[2]


Rosa in FioreEdit

Rosa in Fiore
The Rosa in Fiore
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The Rosa in Fiore (The Blooming Rose) was the center of courtesan operations in Rome, first managed by madonna Solari, then jointly by Maria and Claudia Auditore da Firenze. The courtesans here were used to gather information on the Borgia's forces in Rome, which was later utilized to weaken the family's hold over the city by the Assassin Order.[3]

Great Inagua coveEdit

A small brothel was constructed near Edward Kenway's manor with funds provided by the pirate. As such, it introduced housing for the dancers who provided their services to Edward and his crew.[4]


La Dame en RoseEdit

La Dame en Rose (The Lady in Pink) was run by Madam Bastienne Josèphe in the 18th century. Profits from the brothel were used to buy freedom for slaves, and information gleaned from its political clients was secretly passed to the Maroon rebellion.[5]


  • La Rosa Colta contained a glyph on its exterior; likewise, the Rosa in Fiore possessed a rift after its renovation.
  • All brothels (excluding faction buildings) in Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood were named after roses.
  • In Brotherhood, during the Cristina memories, Ezio could enter the Venetian brothel that was inaccessible in Assassin's Creed II.
  • In Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, by building a brothel on the Great Inagua cove, it allowed Edward to recruit dancers for free.


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