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Broken Chains
Technical information

A letter arrived for Machiavelli signed by a man named Demetrio, an inventor who was contemplating Cesare Borgia's murder. An Assassin was sent to investigate only to find Demetrio in chains, begging for his life.


Assassin's Creed: Identity

Memory type

Story mission

Full sync

Find and Bribe all the Corrupt Soldiers


An Assassin's Requiem


A Storm of Crows

Historical information


Broken Chains was a visual representation of a genetic memory relived by an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst through the Helix navigator.


An Assassin was tasked with finding and saving Demetrio il Silente, a weapon-smith and inventor looking to murder Cesare Borgia in Florence.


Upon freeing and escorting Demetrio to safety, the Assassins discovered that he was originally hired by Cesare to create a deadlier replica of the Hidden Blade, which Cesare named Corvix Blade and entrusted to his secretive mercenaries known as the Crows.


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