Bring the Atlas to the Harbor was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio travelled to the Venetian Gardens to return the atlas to Christoffa Corombo.


  • Christoffa: Ah, there he is! Do you have the Atlas! Show it!
  • Ezio: Take it and go. Borgia's soldiers are combing the streets.
  • Luis: A few maps are missing... but the Piri Reis map remains. We are satisfied.
  • Ezio: Gentlemen, if you return to Italia in the future, bring your own protection.
  • Luis: We would have done so, but there are no more men in España of your skill. Not since a group of Assassins were imprisoned by Tomás Torquemada's inquisitors.
  • Ezio: Wait! What do you know of the Assassins?
  • Luis: I am a well connected man, Ezio, with a great number of friends. Sadly the Inquisition has made a recent habit of arresting them.
  • Christoffa: Luis, our ship is waiting!
  • Luis: Be well, Ezio, May you find everything you seek.

Ezio returned to the Thieves' Guild.

  • Ezio: Distressing news, Antonio. My search for the Apple of Eden will have to be postponed. I'm going to Barcelona.
  • Antonio: I've heard rumors of some turmoil there. What's wrong?
  • Ezio: Santángel claims that a number of Assassins have been jailed. I feel it is my duty to help them.
  • Antonio: A noble cause, I will put you in contact with my people there. They should be of some help.


Ezio returned the atlas to Christoffa. He then prepared to travel to Spain, after learning of imprisoned Assassins there.