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Shay and Bounty Hunter

Shay facing a British bounty hunter

Bounty hunters were individuals who hunted criminals and fugitives for a monetary reward known as a bounty. Accordingly, they tracked down people that terrorized military ships, civilians, and guards whom they either apprehended alive or killed on sight depending on orders. In the naval capacity, they were akin to pirate hunters.


Bounty hunters were widely prevalent during the French and Indian War and were hired by all sides of the conflict, whether French, British, Assassin, or Templar. Depending on their employer, bounty hunters targeted those who assaulted either British or French naval installations. Shay Cormac, as an Assassin who defected to the Templars, earned bounties on his head by both factions of the war at different points in the conflict.[1]

Bounty hunters of the French and Indian War commonly wore gas masks in the form of simple bandannas in the same way as Shay. These bandannas were sufficient in protecting them against toxic or hallucinogenic gases. The combat prowess of bounty hunters of this era were exceptional and far superior to that of regular soldiers in the French and British Armies. Even the infamous Assassin hunter Shay himself could not match them in swordsmanship, finding their defenses to be unassailable.[1]


  • Bounty hunters were first introduced in Assassin's Creed: Rogue where they replace the pirate hunters of the previous game, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Like pirate hunters, the appearance of bounty hunters is intertwined with the notoriety system. Specifically, a pair of bounty hunters appear chasing Shay with every notoriety level he reaches, up to level 3, so he can have a maximum of six bounty hunters following him at any one time. In contrast to pirate hunters, Same as Shay's land and sea notoriety levels are separate, bounty hunters are limited to land and react only to him killing citizens. They are the most formidable enemies that can be fought in the game as their defenses are unbreakable, and their gas masks grant them invulnerability against Shay's grenade launcher. They can be killed by rope darts, firearms, berserk darts, throwing knives or shrapnel grenades.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, a gang leader is capable of individually killing a bounty hunter in open combat.
  • They are the only NPCs in the game to work in pairs to kill Shay by having one partner secure him from behind and the other shoot him from the front. This can be easily countered, however, and they will use a near by soldier as a human shield if they are close to them, this may be rare for some.