Gérald: "Do you recall our rival, Monsieur Bouché, who was twice caught watering his wine?"
Aveline: "Up to his old tricks again?"
―Gérald informing Aveline about Bouché's smear campaign, 1768.[src]
Elegant and Deadly 3

Bouché being threatened by Aveline

Bouché (died 1771) was a beverage merchant who lived in New Orleans during the eighteenth century. He frequently resorted to underhanded methods, such as watering his wine, to keep his business afloat.

In 1768, Bouché's failing business was being threatened by the de Grandpré family. In response, he had town criers distribute handbills that slandered de Grandpré's reputation, in the hopes that people would buy his tea rather than their coffee. This caused Aveline de Grandpré to travel to his warehouse, where she demanded he put a stop to his activities and publicly apologize.

Going bankrupt soon after, Bouché was embittered by this occurrence and, in 1771, hired a notorious mercenary captain to have Aveline kidnapped and killed. Said plan failed however, with the noblewoman escaping her captors and then tracking down those responsible. Once Aveline found out Bouché had been behind it all along, she went to his warehouse, where she killed him.