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Bones of Contention was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Dirty sackcloth bag - Inside the bag are several bones including a human skull with a gold tooth.
  • Statement of National Guardsman - National Guardsman: Claims a bartender at a local tavern has a gold tooth. The tavern is nearby: Taverne du chien qui boite.
  • Statement of the boatman - Boatman: Found the bag on the shore. Saw gold tooth in it. Claims to know a man with a gold tooth who lives with his daughter at 5 rue de la Verrerie.

Bella's HouseEdit

  • Letter from Jamie - Letter from Jamie to Bella. "... you know the depth of my love for you. My every breath is a sigh for you. I will always be yours, despite all the obstacles..." The return address is: Jamie MacArthur 3 rue Bertin Poirée.
  • Statement of Bella - Bella (daughter of missing man): Describes her father as tall with a distinctive gold tooth. Claims he is a strict man with her best interests at heart.
  • Statement of Jamie MacArthur - Jamie MacArthur (Scottish tradesman): Claims Bella's father disappeared after leaving to run errands given to him by Bella's grandmother. Claims he was about to ask the father for Bella's hand in marriage.
  • Statement of old woman - Old woman: Bella's grandmother. Had sent Bella's father on errands. Doesn't recall all items on the list but the merchant nearby on rue des Lombards was one of them.

Butcher ShopEdit

  • Bloody bucket - Overflowing with half-ground organs, probably from an animal.
  • Butcher's block - Some meat cleavers and used aprons.
  • Large sackcloth bag - Similar to bag found on the shore. Contains pig bones.
  • Small bag - Contains a pair of woman's leather shoes, a bolt of cloth and other small items.
  • Statement of the butcher - The butcher: Appears groggy. Has large bump on his head. Claims he was knocked out for a long time. Someone came into his shop and knocked him over the head. The man wore a tradesman's coat and a three-corner hat. The man had an accent, possibly a Scottish accent.

Jamie's HouseEdit

  • Crumpled letter - "Leave my daughter alone! Your attentions are unwanted. Bella is meant for a much better match; she will certainly not marry a ridiculous Scotsman! I forbid you from seeing her again.
  • Letters from Bella - A series of love letters from Bella to Jamie. "... I love you so, but I am in despair. My father simply will not allow our union ..."


  • List of errands - "Leather shoes, cloth, brush - general store, 12 rue des Lombards" The next entry is a butcher shop, but the address is crossed out. In a different hand is written, "Sausages - butcher shop, 31 Quai de Megisserie"
  • Statement of the shopkeeper - Shopkeeper (Martin Lavalle): Claims man with gold tooth came to shop to buy shoes and other items. The man's next stop was a butcher shop. The man asked the shopkeeper where this butcher was located. The man left his list behind.


  • Statement of barkeep - Barkeep: Still has his gold tooth. Knows of another man with gold tooth in this neighborhood and hates him passionately.



  • National Guardsman (maintains order along the shore): What? A gold tooth? Not many folks with gold teeth. There's a barman right close by, at the Limping Dog Tavern. I'd hate to think he's been killed.
  • Boatman (a young man): I found that bag sitting in the mud. Did you see? A gold tooth! I only know one man with a gold tooth. He lives with his daughter on the rue de la Verrerie, number 5.

Bella's HouseEdit

  • Bella (daughter of missing man): What am I to do? I can't sleep, I scarcely eat. My father has disappeared! He's easily recognised - tall, has a gold front tooth. He can be rather strict, but he has my best interests at heart.
  • Jamie MacArthur (Scottish tradesman): Bella's father went out to make some purchases three days ago and never returned. The grandmother is always making lists of errands for him.
  • Old woman (Mother of missing man): I'm the girl's grandmother, bless her heart. I'm too frail to run errands, so her father would do them. I'd given him a list and sent him out to buy some things. I don't remember everything that was on that list, but I did want some things from the merchant right down the street on rue de Lombards.

Butcher ShopEdit

  • Butcher (Groggy, bump on head.): Whoa. I musta been out for awhile. Took a real blow to the head. Fella came in here, I thought he was a customer. Then he jumped me in my own shop. He was wearing a tradesman's coat and a three-corner hat. ... Oh, he had some kinda crazy accent ... Scottish, maybe?


  • Martin Lavalle (Shopkeeper): Oh, yes. The man with the gold tooth. A few days ago he came by, bought shoes and sundries. His next stop was a butcher's shop that he'd never visited before. Asked me where it was. He left his list behind.


  • Barkeep (Has a prominent gold tooth): What'll it be? ... Gold tooth? Yeah, this front one right here. I'm damn proud of it. Real tooth got knocked out in a bar fight.




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