This article is about an Assassin's Creed Liberation HD memory. You may be looking for a memory of the same name from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Bon Voyage was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories, relived through the portable iteration of the Animus Omega.


Aveline visited to a pigeon coop, where she retrieved a letter from Gérald Blanc, which contained more information on her kidnappers.


Aveline read the letter.

  • Letter: The kidnappers were in service of a notorious mercenary captain. He is currently aboard the Duchess and will sail on the dawn tide. Sincerely yours, Gérald.

Aveline located the captain and eliminated him, before she looted a letter from his corpse.

  • Letter: Your bear stunt was costly and disappointing. Do not fail me again! B.


Having taken out the mercenary captain, Aveline closed in on the real culprit behind the plot.


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