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Laying the First Brick 8

Augustin Dieufort giving Adéwalé a blunderbuss

Blunderbusses are a type of firearm used primarily for cavalry, and was only used on occasion for more offensive methods.

In 1735, the pirate-turned-Assassin Adéwalé was given a blunderbuss by the leader of the Maroon rebellion, Augustin Dieufort, after saving the latter from a slaver raid on the Maroon hideout. He would later use it in one instance to kill five guards at once while he set out to assassinate Saint-Domingue's governor, Pierre, Marquis de Fayet.[1]

Blunderbusses were also available during the French Revolution. The Assassin Arno Dorian was rewarded with several blunderbusses in exchange for solving a number of murders in Paris.[2]



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