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Blood bomb
A typical Blood Bomb
EzioLoverAdded by EzioLover

The Blood Bomb scattered a thick spray of blood over its victims, stunning them briefly with the fear that they had just been badly injured. This bomb could be crafted using any shell or gunpowder type combined with the lamb's blood ingredient at bomb-crafting stations.


The Blood Bomb contained lambs' blood. It used the force of the blast to disperse this blood over a space determined by the kind of powder used. Anybody caught in the blast was covered and thought that he or she was badly injured, due to the loud sounds and red stains on their clothes. This bomb could be used to stop pursuers and stun combatants, leaving them open for attack or for an escape. Alternatively, it could be used to create a distraction, as exploding the bomb on the ground created a pool of blood, which any guard would investigate.



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