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  • AaronFireBird1

    To Jasca Ducato

    October 1, 2018 by AaronFireBird1

    Sorry for being a bit of a trouble, just attemping to help the wiki as best I can with what I know. AaronFireBird1 (talk) 14:52, October 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Reverb frost

    Hey there . 

    I would like to ask you a few questions and yes this is not wiki related but it is FANDOM related, so very important. 

    Do you like this wiki? Do you enjoy coming here and editng/posting/commenting and being a user? Do you enjoy open internet or perfer a bureaucratic internet run by government organisations? Do you like open internet? 

    I know these are rhetorical questions. The answers are  yes, yes, yes and yes. But the European Union seems to  disagree and probably doesn't support Open internet, which may result in deletion of many wiki contents and even many wikis itself!

    Want to know how?  Here it is .  Support FANDOM.

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  • Lacrossedeamon
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  • Lacrossedeamon

    So it had always confused me that in the Greco-Roman myths Juno/Hera was always married to Jupiter/Zues but for the AC universe Ubi chose Aita, the Etruscan version of Hades/Pluto, as her husband. It wasn't unitl Origins that I possibly got an answer: Serapis. Due to being ruled by both Greek and Roman empires a lot of Egyptian gods were combined with their Greco-Roman variants. Serapis is a combination of Osiris and Apis on the Egyptian side with Hades/Pluto and Dionysus/Bacchus on the Greco-Roman side. Serapis being a form of Osiris was married to Isis. This is where Juno/Hera comes back in because she was seen as a variant of Isis. Ergo Juno married to Aita, a chthonic diety, rather than Jupiter, a sky god, whose counterparts were the v…

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  • Jasca Ducato

    Eraicon revamp

    April 24, 2018 by Jasca Ducato

    Assassin's Creed is a franchise that has exploded in popularity and size since its creation back in 2007. Following the success of the first numbered sequel –Assassin's Creed II – in 2009 the number of games, comics, books, and movies set in the Assassin's Creed universe has grown exponentially, and so to has the requirement for this wiki to catalogue and record these entries. For eight years now, the preferred method of doing so has been the eraicon.

    When the eraicons were first introduced in 2010, the series had a significantly smaller number of entires under its belt, and as a result the inclusion of these icons at the top of an article did not cause much aesthetic disruption, but as the series progressed and more and more articles required…

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  • SupremeAssassin

    So, what's up my fellow brothers and sisters of the Creed? It's me Supreme, back from yet another hiatus where I've been sort of enjoying Assassin's Creed Origins. Now hear me out before you call me a hater or whatever... it was a good game, but it has one problem, it didn't feel like an Assassin's Creed game in much the same way that Black Flag didn't feel like one either. They were regardless very good games, and Ubisoft has taken directions that I liked... a revamped combat system? It's challenging, and it's fun, but there's no free flow... free flow can still be challenging, just look at the Arkham series.

    The other nice thing was the inclusion of at least half a country, for the most part, you have a free full reign of Egypt. You even …

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  • Seangentile17


    March 14, 2018 by Seangentile17

    Brothers and sisters of the brotherhood, I am Sean a new recruit for this site. I would probably need some pointers so I hope u guys can help a fellow assassin. But if u are gonna ask I do know the creed the motto everything. If u want proof here it is: nothing is true, everything is permitted, and then: we work in the darkness to serve the light we are assassins. As for the tenets I know them: 1. Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent,2. Hide in plain sight, 3. Never compromise the assassin brotherhood. I hope u, my brothers and sisters take me into consideration of the creed I will not let you down..

    - Sean gentile

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    My AC wishlist

    February 14, 2018 by Lacrossedeamon

    1. Life of Jesus (Judea and various other locations late 1st century BC – mid 1st century AD)

    a. Mary is a Chalice, similar to a Sage but the reincarnation of a female important to Hermes Trismegistus, and conceives Jesus after coming in contact with Joseph’s Shroud granting Jesus a very strong connection to the Isu.
    b. Kawab takes on the name of Balthazar the Magi and assassinates Herod the Great, a Templar as possibly alluded to in the Hidden Ones.
    c. During his “lost years” Jesus travels alongside the “Beloved Disciple”, who comes from an Assassin family. They visit the Magi representing the three different faction who try to recruit Jesus later on. Jesus and his companion also come in contact with the Isu Hermes Trismegistus and visit sei…
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  • Lacrossedeamon

    I've posted this on a few other sites. Thought I might as well add it here. Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated. What wouldn’t work or what did I leave out that could?

    Disclaimer: This is in no way a purported leak; just my own thoughts and research on the subject. If anyone from Ubisoft does see this and wishes to use some of the ideas in a future entry I give up all rights to these concepts.

    Warning: This is long as in almost 3000 words long; draws from more than just the game media, ie. Bloodlines, Project Legacy, Last Descendants; and I kinda shotgun a lot of ideas on here. The TL;DR for main concepts is that Kawab becomes the Magi Balthazar and assassinates Herod the Great, Mary is a Chalice, St. Longinus is an Assassin…

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  • Onamex


    January 14, 2018 by Onamex

    Hi, I'm new to the wiki but I love Assassins Creed. Hello, guys!

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