The Affair


Betty was the assistant to Edith, Haytham Kenway's nursemaid. She was in a relationship with Edward Kenway's valet, Jack Digweed.

In 1735, after Edward and Edith were murdered by mercenaries, Haytham left for Europe with Reginald Birch to locate his kidnapped half-sister Jenny, so Digweed found an alternative employer for Betty.

Digweed soon fled when he was suspected of letting the mercenaries into the Kenway manor, but he maintained contact with Betty. In 1747, Haytham realized that Digweed and Betty were lovers, and followed her to her new address after she attended Tessa Kenway's funeral. There, he threatened her into revealing what she knew about the man who blackmailed Digweed.

Afterward, Betty sent a letter to warn Digweed, but Haytham intercepted it, informing him of Digweed's location in Germany.


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