"You should feel honored. These days, the Bastille is reserved for madmen, deviants, and traitors."
―Bernard Laroche to Arno Dorian, 1789.[src]
Imprisoned 6

Bernard Laroche (left) watching Arno Dorian dueling Pierre Bellec

Bernard Laroche was a French counterfeiter imprisoned in the Bastille.

Laroche was imprisoned along with fellow counterfeiters Jean Antoine Pujade, Jean Béchade and Jean de la Corrège. By May 1789, Laroche shared his cell with Arno Dorian and the Assassin Pierre Bellec. As Bellec duelled Arno, Laroche and the other prisoners would spectate, betting on both constestants.

Following the Storming of the Bastille in 1789, Laroche and the counterfeiters were freed. However, almost immediately after, they were imprisoned at Bicêtre.