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Benjamin Hornigold
Technical information

The lawless pirate, Edward Kenway, is ravaging the Caribbean! He seeks to punish the repentant Benjamin Hornigold, who gave up his pirating ways for a life of decency!


Assassin's Creed: Memories

Memory type


Historical information

Edward Kenway


Kingston, Jamaica


September 1719

Benjamin Hornigold was an altered representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogueEdit

  • Anne: Morning, Kenway. Chasing a drink so early?
  • Edward: Aye, 'tis necessary.
  • Anne: What's troubling you?
  • Edward: Turncoats, Anne. My so-called friend Hornigold now flies his sails under the command of Woodes Rogers.
  • Anne: It's seems our humble governor's pardon came with terms.
  • Edward: The man had freedom, Anne. Respect. A life worth living. Now he's aught but a puppet.
  • Anne: His choice and his problem, Edward. Not yours.
  • Edward: Were it so simple. His first order of business is to cleanse the water of us loathsome pirates.
  • Anne: So you plan to strike first, then?
  • Edward: Unless you've a better plan.
  • Anne: I don't.
  • Edward: Does Rackham know anything? He's less of a fool than he lets on.
  • Anne: Jack told me not to say anything but... not two days ago he saw Hornigold's ship anchored at Kingston for repair. They must be there at least a week. There's your chance.
  • Edward: Then I'll be back here before that week is out. Save a pint for me.
  • Anne: Be careful. Loathsome pirate you may be, I still prefer you alive to dead.


  • Edward: You've thrown in with the wrong lot, Ben. This can't go on.
  • Benjamin: Oh, but it will. Sure as I'm still standing here.
  • Edward: Next time we meet, you'll not be.
  • Benjamin: Spoken like the murderer you have become.


  • Benjamin: Edward Kenway. You damnable fool.
  • Edward: You're the fool, Ben! We had it all! A life any man could be proud of! And you went and tossed it all away.
  • Benjamin: That I did. And I've no regrets, neither.
  • Edward: Why, mate? What could the Governor have possibly offered that you didn't already have?
  • Benjamin: It's useless to try and explain it to someone who can't fathom a purpose to life other than coin and ale.
  • Edward: Is that all you think of me?
  • Benjamin: Aye. And that's being generous.


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