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Benipe was an Egyptian blacksmith who had a shop in Siwa.


As the blacksmith of the remote village of Siwa, Egypt, Benipe was a friend of its Medjay, Bayek. In 48 BCE, while in the midst of forging a sword, the captain of the garrison deployed by Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII to Siwa passed by his shop and caught sight of his work. Accusing him of supplying weapons to dissidents and being a rebel himself—a claim that was not wrong—the captain had his troops confiscate all his tools.[1]

Upon Bayek's return after his assassination of Rudjek, a member of the Order of the Ancients, he approached Benipe, surprised by the shop being closed. Benipe explained the incident with the soldiers, and Bayek was quick to offer his help in not only retrieving his equipment but also eliminating the captain. Aware that the captain was based in Camp Shetjeh, the military base on the west side of Siwa, Benipe directed Bayek there as the most likely location of his tools. Sure enough, the Medjay returned not long after having recovered Benipe's hammer and tongs and assassinating the captain.[1]

As a reward, the blacksmith allowed Bayek to choose one of the four pieces of equipment for free which he had found and kept hidden away from the soldiers: the Bitter Bow, the Pilum, the Gruesome Mattock, or the Phalanx Shield. Following this, Benipe immediately reopened his shop.[1]



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