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Eraicon-Secret Crusade

Bayhas (unknown – 1247) was a ruthless brigand during the High Middle Ages. He was the son of Fahad, who was the leader of the Brigands in the desert near Masyaf.


In 1247, Bayhas and two of his companions attacked a tradesman in the desert near Masyaf. The tradesman, Mukhlis, was tied to a tree, made to hang upside down. Bayhas then threatened to cut him open and makes his organs dangle from his body.

Almost immediately, the exiled Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad managed to cut down one of the bandits. He then managed to kill Bayhas with some help of Mukhlis. Altaïr and Mukhlis then made their way to Masyaf, where Bayhas' father would soon arrive to seek them out.


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