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Eraicon-Altair's Chronicles

ACAC Badr Render


Altaïr: "Step aside, big man. I've no quarrel with you."
Badr: "I'm afraid I cannot do that, small man. But you are free to make me, if you can."
―Badr confronting Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, 1190.

Badr was a giant of a man whose abnormal stature led him to work at a circus in Damascus during the latter half of the 12th century. As a friend to fellow circus performer, Fajera, Badr served as a bodyguard-of-sorts to stave off any form of harassment towards the Romani dancer.

In 1190, the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, on a quest to recover the Chalice, arrived at the circus on Market Street after being directed to Fajera by the merchant Tamir.

Confronted by Altaïr, Fajera summoned Badr for protection, claiming that the Assassin was, in essence, browbeating her. Badr, wielding a gigantic bearded axe, promptly interrupted their exchange and demanded Altaïr to cease his harassment. Despite his immense size, he failed to intimidate the Assassin, who boldly told the brute to withdraw, asserting that he had no business with the man. Maintaining his loyalty to Fajera, Badr refused to comply and a fight ensued, giving Fajera an opportunity to flee.

Though Altaïr's strength paled before the might of the giant, the Assassin's superior agility compensated for this disadvantage. Refusing to confront Badr in direct combat, Altaïr adopted a tactic of evasion and dodging until the brute accidentally embedded his axe in the ground with a powerful, downward slash. With Badr preoccupied with the retrieval of his axe, Altaïr seized the opportunity to deliver a forceful jump side-kick at the man's forehead. The kinetic energy of the kick caused Badr to recoil against a wooden, support pillar of the tent. As the pillar shattered with the sheer force of Badr's weight, the entire tent collapsed, trapping the man under the rubble as Altaïr escaped the scene to pursue Fajera.


  • Badr, بدر, is Arabic for "full moon".


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