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"Lights. Action. Bass drum. Mind-numbing. One hundred twenty-four beats per. Twice the speed of a beating heart."
―Desmond Miles, on the nature of the venue.[src]
Desmond Recap 1

Desmond behind the counter in Bad Weather

Bad Weather is a nightclub in Brooklyn, New York City, which has operated for at least nine years prior to 2012.


In 2003, after running away from the Farm, Desmond Miles visited Bad Weather in the hopes of getting a job there. He was successful, being hired by the owner as a bartender for, what he believed, were his "ravishing looks" and "winning smile".[1]

His specialty drink was known as the "Shirley Templar," which consisted of a Shirley Temple cocktail with added gin. It became quite popular with local patrons, evidenced by one customer requesting "four of those."[1]

After nine years of employment at the venue, Desmond was kidnapped by the Templars to become the 17th test subject for Abstergo Industries' Animus Project,[2] though his friends tried in vain to locate him by placing missing posters around New York City.[3]