Insignia 5

The Babylonian Assassin insignia

The Babylonian Brotherhood of Assassins[1] was the branch of Assassins which operated from Babylonia.

Although Babylonia had by then ceased to be a sovereign entity, its Assassin branch was still active when western Asia fell to the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great. One of its agents, Iltani, set out to assassinate Alexander during his campaign in what is now modern-day Afghanistan, but she was forced to withdraw when she found him too well-guarded in the citadel of Herat. As a result, she turned to an alchemist of the former Achaemenid Empire who provided her with a deadly but slow-acting poison.[2] In 323 BCE,[1][3], Iltani succeeded killing Alexander with the poison[4] and retrieved his Staff of Eden that had been entrusted to him by the Templars.[3][5]


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