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"You agreed to stay and take Papa under your wing and train him in our ways. I know that you changed his life for the better."
―Eseosa, regarding Babatunde's meeting with Adéwalé.[src]

Babatunde Josèphe (1738 – unknown) was a member of the Assassin Brotherhood in Saint-Domingue. The son of Adéwalé and Bastienne Josèphe, he eventually fathered a son named Eseosa, who was also inducted into the Brotherhood. He is an ancestor to Milton Jones.

Conceived after a night of passion between his parents in Port-au-Prince, Babatunde only learned about his father when he was fifteen. Babatunde met Adéwalé when he returned to Port-au-Prince after the earthquake of 1751, and began training under his father to become a member of the Assassin Order.[1]


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